Percoco Stone Finishing Center Denver

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Sample Board Request Form

Please fill out the form below to request a sample board. We will contact you to arrange either for you to pick them up or to be shipped at your expense. Red bold text indicates required items.

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Sample boards may be delivered in person (local only), picked-up (local) or shipped via FedEx Ground (local and/or out of town). No PO Boxes please.Delivery Address:

Sample Boards

Please select the type of sample boards desired (select all that apply):

Colors will vary, currently for the Standard Finishes we have some Tan Brown, Cafe Imperial, Verde Fuoco & a light colored engineered stone (Cambria). For the Specialty Finishes we have White Cararra, Rosa Verona, & a light colored engineered stone (Caeserstone)

The Standard Finishes Sample boards have the following finishes on them:
  • Polish
  • Hone
  • Leather
  • Caress
  • Bush hammer
  • Tuscan
The Specialty Finishes Sample Boards have the following finishes on them:
  • Sandblast - Fine
  • Sandblast - Coarse
  • Scarpaletto - Fine
  • Scarpaletto - Coarse
  • Rake - Fine
  • Rake - Coarse
  • Rustico
  • Washboard